I offer at least 2 Prenatal visits (more if desired)

During the first prenatal visit we will go over the  history of your previous pregnancies (if any), and go over any questions you have. I’ll give you Your Birth Experience book. This is your book so you can write in it, make notes, color or whatever you’d like.  I have a lending library that you are welcome to with books, birth balls, educational birthing videos such as More Business of Being Born and Happy Healthy Child, various birthing balls and more!

During the second prenatal visit I teach the "Your Birth Experience" private class.

​Your Birth Experience helps you understand the physiological process of normal birth while offering unbiased evidence based information about every intervention and procedure you might encounter at your birth setting.  You will walk away from this class informed empowered, and confident that you can achieve your birth goals by being an active participant and decision maker in Your Birth Experience! I help you make a birth plan and we have a birth rehearsal. During the birth rehearsal we will use various comfort measures to help you prepare for the big day.

You have my full support at your delivery

On the day your baby decides to make his/her arrival I can come to your house or the place you are giving birth. Whichever you prefer. I will support you with all the comfort measures we worked on throughout your pregnancy. And I will stay with you from the time you need me in labor until a few hours postpartum. I help with the initial breastfeeding and answer any questions you may have. I also take pictures if you would like me too.

I come to your house at some point after the baby comes home. It's up to you when you would like our postpartum visit to be. Usually anytime before the first 6 weeks. If you are breastfeeding and would like some help I can help you. I've been trained through DONA and through Women Infants and Children A Journey Together. And I have my own person experience of nursing my little one for 2 1/2 years.